Umami an indescribable flavor. Have you tried it?


First, let’s put ourselves in context, the word umami comes from the Japanese and its translation is う ま 味. Its meaning is pleasant or tasty flavor. Its discoverer has name and surnames, Kikunae Ikeda, was a professor at the Imperial University of Tokyo. The professor discovered that the glutamate acid or better known as glutamate when tasting the kombu seaweed broth was different to the flavors interpreted to date, categorizing them into: acid, bitter, sweet and salty; finally he called this umami.

In what foods do we find umami?

Primarily the first food found in umami is kombu algae and as a result of it it has been synthesized and commercialized. In the ingredients that can be found naturally are: soy sauce, fish sauce, ham, asparagus and in Italian cuisine we find it with the mixture of flavors such as cured cheeses, mainly Parmesan cheese with mushrooms and tomato sauces.

What sensation does the umami produce?

Once this sensation is experienced in the taste buds of the tongue, the umami causes an increase in salivation, this causes the ingredients to be perceived increasing their flavor. The increase in salivation is caused as a defense system against glutamic acids against subtracting acidity. The sensation that it provokes is so pleasant that it evokes the pleasure of all the senses.

What causes to find the taste of umami?

Taste buds are found in all areas of the tongue, each zone corresponds to one of the flavors we perceive, because the umami, is in the concentric zone of all the flavors we know, being able to say that it is the sum of all the flavors .

How to use the synthesized umami?

Experts recommend not to exceed or abuse because in large quantities can produce a taste contrary to what we want to achieve. We could compare it with salt or sugar, in the right measure it gives a touch to the food making it really exquisite when used as complementary to the dish that is going to be cooked and eaten. With the umami or also known as glutamic acid (MSG) happens exactly the same, in the right measure it will cause the pleasure we were talking about.

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