Mallorcan products, a pleasure for the most exquisite palates

productos mallorquines

The best-known traditional Mallorcan products are mainly the ensaïmada and the sobrasada. In addition to these two references of Mallorcan cuisine we find a wide variety of high quality foods from different sectors such as wine, olive, fermented and semi-processed products mark the trends of the Mediterranean diet.

The ensaïmada, the icon of Mallorcan products

With more than 300 years of history and whose recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, even going as far as crossing borders, obtaining the seal of denomination of Origin Protected by the European Union. Its characteristic shape reminds us of the shell of a snail. We find a host of recipes that range from the most traditional smooth ones (without filling) by simply sprinkling a bit of icing sugar to chocolate and marmalade filling or much more elaborated ones like  those typical in the carnival season made with sobrasada and candied pumpkin.

The sobrasada, pure tradition of Mallorca

A delicacy that comes from the Mallorcan black pig, also included in the denomination of Origin seal. Its development focuses on the dates of killings during the first days of the winter season, it is a celebration for families that develop this deeply rooted tradition.
Being a whole process of artisan elaboration and using the main raw material, Mallorcan pork. To flavor the sobrasada, you need salt and different spices and some choose to make them with a spicy touch. Finding the exact point of paprika is the secret to make it an exquisite snack.

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Extra virgin Mallorcan olive oil, product with Denomination of Origin

The EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, going back to the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries when Mallorca played an important role in the production and diet of the island, obtaining a great source of income for its producers. At present we not only enjoy it as a gastronomic product, but it is included in soaps, lotions and a wide variety of products.

The list of producers in the islands already exceeds the hundred and many of them with recognized national and international awards, being a star product of the Balearic export. It is used by the best national and international chefs to flavor their dishes.


Balearic sea salt seasoning

Perhaps the Mallorcan product with the least known history, but since the time of the Phoenicians this salt has been used. In the area of ​​the southeast coast of the island of Mallorca and in the salinas of Ibiza we can find the main salt harvests. Since 2003, they  started to market this product more exclusively, with a production of more than 10,000 tons of salt. This product is rich in trace elements resulting from the natural evaporation of water and is used to flavor meats, fish, salads and any dish that the diner would like to taste.

Hierbas, liquors and wines

The healthy benefits offered by these types of spirits are multiple in their proper measure.
The herbs are made by hand. In the process of elaboration we add herbs such as fennel, chamomile, mint, rosemary and many more.
The wine tradition already has more than 80 wineries on the island of Mallorca, where you can taste their wines accompanied by a selection of cheeses from the islands and other Balearic products.
The “Palo” also enjoys being a Denomination of Origin product. This can be taken alone or with ice. Another very common way on the island is to use sparkling water to water it down.

These are merely some of the products that we can find in gastronomy in the Balearic Islands. We will discover and expand the list with products not so well known but with a high gastronomic quality and of which the most exquisite palates will enjoy.

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