Mallorcan products, a pleasure for the most exquisite palates

productos mallorquines

The best-known traditional Mallorcan products are mainly the ensaïmada and the sobrasada. In addition to these two references of Mallorcan cuisine we find a wide variety of high quality foods from different sectors such as wine, olive, fermented and semi-processed products mark the trends of the Mediterranean diet. The ensaïmada, the icon of Mallorcan products […]

Umami an indescribable flavor. Have you tried it?


First, let’s put ourselves in context, the word umami comes from the Japanese and its translation is う ま 味. Its meaning is pleasant or tasty flavor. Its discoverer has name and surnames, Kikunae Ikeda, was a professor at the Imperial University of Tokyo. The professor discovered that the glutamate acid or better known as […]

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